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Welcome to Solingen!

Pfeilringwerk Produktions GmbH in Solingen - our products, globally known!

Our company has been producing high-quality manicure, pedicure, and nail care instruments since 1896 – and everything is obviously “Made in Solingen“! Handmade in Solingen, the city of blades – our company is located in Solingen city centre and has the product development, an extensive warehouse, and logistical facilities under its roof, not forgetting the production of nail scissors, tweezers and nail clippers for manicures and pedicures.

Our site in the Sudetenstraße in Solingen city centre is still impressively showing how close classical trades, modern production variants and an extremely committed and qualified team can contribute to the production of Quality Made in Germany for the global market.

Pfeilringwerk Produktions GmbH has been a part of the RAVO Group, one of the world´s leading manufacturers of beauty articles, since 2018. The product portfolio of the corporate group has been supplemented further with the quality products Made in Solingen.

Tradition in Solingen
Company information

You can contact us during our office hours, 8.00 am to 4.00 pm from Monday to Friday. You would like to visit us? Please make a personal appointment with our team. Alternatively we could meet via VideoCall all over the world.

Our Scissors: Globally Known!

Made in Germany, high quality from Solingen

Our high-quality nail scissors that are produced in Solingen combine the highest precision with a classic design. Cutting surfaces that are precisely ground manually and curved or straight cutting surfaces that precisely match each other, provide for a precise cut. We produce the known scissors from Solingen in a modern production plant. Our scissors are available in various designs such as nickel-free, nickel plated, chromium plated, gold plated, or stainless. You know our cuticle scissors, nail scissors, combination scissors or baby scissors.

Tweezers, Clippers, Nail Trimmers & Co.

Production of manicure and pedicure articles

Our tweezers are also produced in a high-quality manner – this tool is perfectly able to take grasp of the smallest splint and the finest hair. Offset, diagonal or straight and thereby nickel-free, nickel plated, chromium plated, gold plated, painted or stainless versions are available. Manually ground tweezers are tested for a 100% precision in our factory and have been captivating for decades with a classic and high-quality design and grip surface that is a comfortable feel.
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Nail scissors & cuticle scissors

Stainless, nickel-plated, nickel-free, exactly ground, mounted, aligned, and sharpened by hand.

The best quality from Solingen

Scissors, tweezers, and clippers for the highest demands – durability and a permanent precision for a private use or a professional deployment.

Made in Germany

Our company has been producing high-quality manicure, pedicure, and nail care instruments since 1896 – obviously “Made in Solingen“!

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High-quality products

We produce cuticle scissors, nail scissors and baby scissors in addition to nail files, cuticle clippers and tweezers of all kinds. We rely on durability and the highest quality.

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Handmade quality

We are a byword for customised high-tech procedures that go hand in hand with manual production processes. You can encounter our products in more than 60 countries.

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Modern production

High performing, future-oriented and pioneering. Our spirit of enterprise is embodied by our modern production in Solingen.

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